The Business Builders Rebrand

As many of you know, The Business Builders have been working diligently on the organization’s rebrand for quite sometime now, and we are happy to say that it has at long last arrived. A lot of passion and diligent work went into this rebrand, as the Business Builders Club has a rich and extensive history dating all the way back to our creation in 2001. Since its inception, we have continued to be the leading entrepreneurial presence on Ohio State’s campus, and we believe that our new brand image will further propel the vision that was set nearly two decades ago.

We are paying homage to our past while also taking a leap in the direction of the organization's future. The cube-like resemblance of the logo was maintained because the cube has, and will continue to be, the foundation of the Business Builders Club’s identity. It symbolizes that we are not only the cornerstone of entrepreneurship at Ohio State, but a significant force in the entrepreneurial community of Columbus, Ohio, and even the nation. It resembles our organizations multi-dimensional characteristic in how we are relevant to students of all majors and interest and all degrees of skill and involvement in the entrepreneurial world.

The Business Builders Club’s mission is to Connect, Educate and Inspire. We do this by taking every member from ideation to impact, no matter where they stand in their entrepreneurship journey. The rebrand symbolizes our mission statement better than ever before by taking a twist on the original black and white cube’s three dimensions and by adding a more universal and meaningful color palette. These changes allow for the integrated logo to be segmented into its three distinct faces, each identifying with its own meaning and colorway, adding a new layer of depth and symbology to the logo that was never seen before.

As Business Builders, our main purpose and mission is to Educate. Entrepreneurs are always learning, no matter how experienced or far along in their entrepreneurship journey they are. The yellow portion of the logo represents the education aspect of our Organization as it is the center and forefront of our logo just as education is for our Organization. The colorway resembles the fresh and exhilarating opportunities that education brings and symbolizes how entrepreneurs always have to have a thirst for knowledge in order to survive and thrive.

To Connect is our second mission as Business Builders. Connections and networking are so extremely important in entrepreneurship, and as the leading entrepreneurship force at Ohio State, it is our job to make sure that our organization is connecting like-minded entrepreneurs together and building new relationships and opportunities. The blue portion of the logo represents the connection aspect of our organization. The colorway resembles the trust, comfort, and confidence that is brought when new relationships are formed and new doors are opened.

Our third and equally important mission is to Inspire. Without motivation and guidance, entrepreneur’s cannot survive. It is a long and unstable journey up the mountain of entrepreneurship, and in order to stay on path, entrepreneurs must have a source of inspiration to push them through times of both sunshine and storm. The red portion of the logo represents the inspiration aspect of our organization. The colorway resembles the fiery passion, courage, and resilience needed to make it in the entrepreneurial world and how without motivation, and even more importantly dedication, nothing can be done.

Along with a redesigned logo, the Business Builders Club has changed its name to a more simplistic identity, becoming the latter: Business Builders. As Business Builders, we are more than just a club, but an entire network and coalition of fellow entrepreneurs that come together for a common goal and interest. Business Builders is a force to reckon with at The Ohio State University, and it’s impact will reach not only the university and the city of Columbus, but people and organizations across the nation. We are an integrated network, with many components. We are not just a club, but an ecosystem of entrepreneurs. We are Business Builders.

Countless hours of work have gone into this rebrand process, and if it wasn't for the thorough work put in by our Leadership Team, especially our VP of Marketing, Alex Davessar, Director of Design, Sarah Martin, and President, Jack Hutchinson, this process could not have been done. We also would like to thank those who helped inspire the rebrand with their valuable opinions, including many current members, alumni, OSU faculty and staff, and community leaders. This could not have been done to the proper extent without you guys, and on behalf of Business Builders, I would like to thank you and hope you enjoy the rebrand as much I do.


Jared Musci

VP of Public Relations

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