What To Expect From Ohio State Clubs - Student Review Guide (2020)

Why join a business club at Ohio State?

There are several reasons to join a business club while in college. Here are some of my top reasons:

1. Join a network of successful students

College is a significant time in your life to meet like-minded individuals and build a network. Networking is one of the most important skills to master, and joining a business club is the first step to a brighter future. 

For example, I joined Business Builders as a Freshman in Ohio State. I have networked with influential business leaders, joined an exceptional friend group, and toured some top businesses in Columbus.

For more info, visit our networking article!

2. Prepare for a career

Do you know what you want to do after college? Neither did I when I came to Ohio State & was looking to join clubs. 

Chris Pan (left) - Founder of the Business Builders Club & Mark Zuckerberg (right) - Founder of Facebook)

When I was a freshman, I met Chris Pan who was the founder of the Business Builders Club. He was an early employee at Facebook and he created the My Intent bracelet which has been worn by millions of people (including Beyonce, Justin Bieber and Kanye West).

A business club is a great way to learn about potential companies you want to work for. At Business Builders, we have a network of alumni who have worked at companies like Nationwide, Facebook, Adobe, Root Insurance, and more.

3. Expand your resume

Organizations and activities look great on a college resume. Showing employers that you follow your passion is very important.

Joining a business club is an impressive way to let companies know that you’re hard-working  and can manage responsibilities. In recent years, our leadership team has been recognized for the great experience they have provided to our members.

What are the benefits of getting involved in an Ohio State Student Organization?

Build friendships and be part of a community

Maximize your networking skills

High probability of landing an internship & getting a great job

Have fun activities to participate in during college

Develop leadership skills

Engage with a diverse group of successful people

Develop soft skills like communication, teamwork, & work ethic

Strengthen your resume 

It’s a significant break from studying 

Allows you to fully experience College

What to expect from business clubs at Ohio State:

I joined a business club my Freshman year at Ohio State and I am glad I did. One of the best parts of joining a club is the people! 

“I met so many like-minded individuals who are interested in technology, business, and entrepreneurship.” 

You can expect to hear from different speakers who started a business, are passionate about a certain topic, or are alumni of The Ohio State University. Similarly, sometimes business clubs hold workshops where you can have fun, hands on learning opportunities. 

Lastly, you can expect to eat well. Most clubs have food at their weekly meeting like pizza & drinks! 

About Ohio State Organizations

Ohio State has 1,400 registered organizations and student activities. Besides building lasting friendships, student organizations provide many benefits including serving as a medium for academic discourse, personal growth, leadership development, intercultural understanding, and community engagement. 

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