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This week the Business Builder’s brought in Michael Lee all the way from San Francisco. Michael Lee is an Ohio State and Harvard alum with a degree in Finance. He has worked for GE, had experience on Wall Street doing investment banking, started a new division of a solar power company in China, and now has his own Electricity company, Evolve. Evolve, sells wholesale electricity that uses machine learning to predict price spikes of the market in order to cut people’s electricity bills in half. For this meeting Michael took a more laid back approach in order to obtain a truly candid and genuine conversation. He did this by letting the audience dictate the point of conversation. He reminded the audience to take everything you hear with a grain of salt, as no one’s advice is always the perfect solution, and that you should always know the perspective of the person you are receiving advice from. Michael went through a list of Professional Advice, Startup Advice, and Life Advice and then ended with an ‘Ask Me Anything’ formatted Q&A. Everything you see below is a paraphrased form of what Michael had to say.

Professional Advice: 

Startup Advice:

Life Advice:

Top 5 ‘Ask Me Anything’ Questions and Answers:

“What skills should we be building at OSU?”

“What is the best job to get right out of college?”

“How do you learn the Ins and Outs of an industry without having spent years in that industry?”

“Because our future job might not be invented yet, what are the most important skills for us to have to prepare us for the future?”

"What’s your best advice on how to grow your professional network?”

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