Fisher Awards Recap

On April 12th, 2019, The Ohio State University's Fisher College of Business Awarded Business Builders "Best President" and "Best Programming" among student organizations within the college. The honor comes after a historic year of growth for the history-ridden organization.

At the end of the 2017-2018 school year, Business Builders had 12 paid members. Sitting president Jack Hutchinson (left) was handed the reigns shortly thereafter, and he has led a dramatic transformation of the club. During the 2018-2019 school year, VP of Events Kristen Cerne (middle) helped the Business Builders impact over 5,000 people including students, faculty, and community leaders. Hundreds of students gathered to attend 30 workshops, like Intro to R and Sales Tactics, as well as speaking events from industry leaders such as Lewis Howes. The club's membership of 100 students had access to community events such as the Startup City Tour and the Founders Dinner. Over 500 students had the chance to connect with 40 startups at the Business Builders' first annual Startup Career Fair. The organization also sent student volunteers to events such as Rev1 Innovation Hop, Venture Ohio Venture Dinner, Product Summit, and the Summit of Greatness.

2019 was a transformational year for the organization. Business Builders has become more than a club; it has shifted into a group that not only impacts those at Ohio State but also the greater entrepreneurship communities in Columbus and across the Midwest. To symbolize this shift, the organization has dropped the "Club" from its name. To read more about what's in store for the organization going forward, click here. Congratulations to Jack, Kristen, and the rest of the BBC team for making 2018-2019 an amazing year!

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