Best Cheap Way To Make a Website 2021

Are you an entrepreneur with little website development and coding knowledge? Or do you just want to make a website for fun but don’t want to spend hundreds of dollars? Today you will learn how to make a simple website for only $12. Yep, just $12 per year to create and host your website online. This is the first blog in a free series that will show you how to:

  • Buy a website and set up the basics
  • Install hosting, SSL, & Wordpress
  • Learn how to do keyword research
  • Design and build your website
  • Write blogs and upload them to your website
  • Rank for keywords on Google, and get free traffic to your site
  • Set up affiliate links and make passive income
  • Step 1: Understand why you want to make a website

    Here are some ideas and reasons to make a website:

    1. Affiliate Marketing Blog
    2. Personal portfolio for photography, design, or art
    3. Resume website
    4. Showcase your product idea
    5. Dropshipping a product
    6. Selling a product
    7. Advertising a service
    8. It’s one of the easiest ways to take the first step

    What does it mean to take the first step?

    A lot of us have great ideas or products but we get stuck in the idea phase. An entrepreneur is someone who takes action on their idea. One of the best ways to take action is to set up a website and get feedback from others.

    Step 2: Come up with a tangible website ideaReady, fire, aim. Notice how I said to aim after you fire? This is the same concept with building a business. Your business idea doesn’t have to be perfect. Just take action and do something to make your dreams a reality.My website idea is to make an affiliate site based off the “Steal His Look” meme. The meme is that people want to dress like cartoon characters and then the graphic shows where you can buy expensive clothes to make the outfit come to life:

    I think there is potential to make it a serious or funny website. Plus, if you link out to fashion retailers you could make a lot of money in affiliate commission. Basically, whenever someone clicks your link and buys a product from a retailer, you get $$$.

    Here is a website example that does it super well. They take popular artists and link to products they actually have worn. This page shows you items Travis Scott wears and they have affiliate links to the retailers.

    Step 2: Pick your website name

    Google’s original name was Backrub. It may not have been the best name but they changed it eventually. Don’t get into your head too much when picking out a domain name. Just something simple and catchy. Here are some mistakes to avoid when picking a domain name.

    Pro tip: If the website domain name is taken, just add the word “Join” in front of it and the domain may be available.

    So search for the basic term you want for your website. Next, you will have to pick the top level domain. Here is a diagram breaking down the URL. The top level domain is the ending and will change how much you will have to spend. I personally like .com top level domains but sometimes it is already taken or too expensive

    Some of my favorite top level domains for businesses are:

    1. .com
    2. .co
    3. .io
    4. .tech
    5. .pro
    6. .net
    7. .org
    8. .club
    9. .us

    Add your favorite option to the cart. Just click the cart shaped button. This picture shows that we are buying

    I was also able to find great website names for different niches (example:

    I would just recommend leaving privacy protection and auto renew on. Congrats, we have bought the domain.

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