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Claire Coder

Graduation Year: N/A (Proud college dropout)

Major: Comparative Religion

Role in BBC: Member

What have you been up to since leaving the BBC?I only attended OSU for one semester. I promptly dropped out to work at a product design company and to focus on my company, Aunt Flow. At Aunt Flow, we are committed to ensuring everyone has access to quality menstrual products. We manufacture 100% organic cotton tampons and pads and a free-vend menstrual product dispenser so that businesses and schools can offer our products for free in their bathrooms. Toilet paper is offered for free, why aren't tampons?® In one year, we grew the company to stock 200+ companies with our product ranging from Twitter and Viacom to Ohio University, Brown University, and local coffee shops. (PSA: OSU still is not a customer, but totally should be!)

How has BBC helped you get to where you are today?BBC is a network of AWESOME people committed to changing the world. We have hired qualified interns recommended from the BBC network and the community is a great resource for bouncing ideas around. The free pizza fed me for years when I was poor and taking the $0 entrepreneur salary.

What advice do you have for current BBCers? You don't need a degree to be successful. In fact, if I got a degree and spent the $60k to achieve the piece of paper, I would not have the financial bandwidth to not pay myself for years because I would be forced to make loan payments.

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