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Ben Gilbert

Graduation Year: 2011

Major: Computer Science and Engineering

Role in BBC: Executive Team (though not sure if I ever had an official position)

What have you been up to since leaving the BBC?Three years ago, I co-founded Pioneer Square Labs. We are a startup studio and venture capital fund that has spun out 11 companies and invested in 3 others. Before that, I spent two years at Madrona Venture Labs after my first job out of college at Microsoft working on Office for iPad and The Garage.

What are you working on now? Pioneer Square Labs!

How has BBC helped you get to where you are today?BBC is definitely of the two most impactful organizations on my career, along with Startup Weekend (which I wrote a blog post about once).

Some of my closest friends are from BBC. A dramatic amount of my entrepreneurial influence is from BBC. And winning an IdeaPitch competition was certainly an inspiration to keep going in startupland :)

What advice do you have for current BBCers? Start a company while you’re in college. You may feel like you don’t have any time now, but I can assure you, you will have less time in the future, and much more consequences if you fail :)

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